Fashion College-Inspired Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s December, and for many Americans this means a LOT of shopping for a LOT of holiday gifts. The question asked by many gift-buyers this year is… What do you get that will surely put a smile on any fashionista’s face? Thanks to our fashion college experts, we have put together a fun and easy list of fashion-forward gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

Earmuffs. Nothing says “hello winter” like a pair of warm, fuzzy earmuffs. Aside from keeping any fashionista’s ears nice and cozy, they are a perfect fashion accessory for any winter ensemble. Choose a classic pair in black or white, or get funky by finding a pair in a bright color or lined with fur.

Nail polish. Do NOT underestimate the power of nail polish to bring an ensemble to life. Nail polish makes an excellent holiday gift because it is relatively inexpensive but acts as a great accessory. This winter, choose from a muted, earthy palate for a super-trendy look. And if you want to go a step further, get your lucky friend a full-on nail art DIY set.

A wacky winter sweater. This age-old holiday gift has been popping up for years. In fact it is the cliché of all holiday gifts. However, the wacky winter sweater’s fate is not sealed. If you find one authentic and cool enough, it just might serve as the perfect gift for a fun-loving, quirky fashionista. Search around funky thrift shops for inexpensive and unique sweaters.

Jewelry. Any fashion college student will assure you that you can’t go wrong when you gift someone with beautiful or funky jewelry, and though diamonds are, of course, a girl’s best friend, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to find amazing jewelry that will be loved and appreciated. Vintage and thrift stores are a good place to hunt for jewelry too. Find a loud, statement ring or necklace, or a more subtle silver chain, and gift your favorite fashionista with it this winter.

Little somethings. If you are on a serious budget, but you still want to give away some gifts, think about the smallest details and you will surely find something appropriate. A cute, kitschy keychain is a good way to leave somebody a reminder of your love, or perhaps a beautifully (inexpensively) framed photograph that you’ve taken.

When it comes to holiday gift giving, remember that above all, it is the thought that counts. You don’t have to spend a year’s worth of fashion school tuition to show somebody you care!

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